When the Goal is Understanding Risk

Maximize your efficiency by providing accurate and

organized information to those that need it most -- from

credit to compliance -- Jericho has the information and

expertise critical to the success of your enterprise.



    Jericho provides a single solution for all of your data

    From the Loan Origination, Servicing, General Ledger, Collections, Wholesale, and CRM systems, our single platform provides accurate, real time, multi-dimensional data to every level of your enterprise.  

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  • RISK

    The goal is to identify risk, reduce losses and improve profitability

    The data stream pouring into companies is getting greater--and the risks are getting higher and higher. Jericho is designed to aid in mininmizing the risk and maximizing the returns.

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    Jericho provides the technology and services to execute and monitor compliance

    The Compliance Management System includes mapping policy documents and action parameters, configuring checklists, initiating and monitoring compliance actions, managing complaints and tracking exceptions.

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    Jericho's goal is to provide a way to manage customers

    Jericho provides a powerful platform that combines calling activity with production and performance data allowing users to maximize relationships, create marketing strategies and improve profitability.

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